Best Social Media Platforms to Drive Traffic to a Website

Social media is a powerhouse when it comes to driving traffic. Millions of web users are actively engaging one another about products, services and brands every single day.

Wouldn’t you like to have a slice of the social media pie?

Well, you can but you need to realize it’s going to take a bit of work and the correct social media platforms.


The goal of this article is to show you which social media platforms you should be using to drive traffic to your website.

With thousands of platforms available on the web, you can easily get lost chasing a pipe dream of obtaining minuscule traffic from lackluster social media platforms.

Without further delay, here are the three best social media platforms you should be using to drive traffic to your website.

1. Twitter

Twitter is a micro blogging platform that allows users to post short quips of information called tweets.

The allure of Twitter is the ease of use, speed of information and relatively small learning curve to start; these three reasons alone are why millions of users actively participate on Twitter.

As a website owner, you’re goal it to siphon just a bit of this traffic to your own; but it’s more difficult than you would imagine – at least for those that don’t understand how the new web works.

To leverage Twitter to drive traffic to your website, you need to do a few things:

  • Complete your full profile and be transparent
  • Share interesting and useful information plus links
  • Engage with other Twitter users and keep a conversation
  • Help out those when a question is asked

The point of Twitter is to help one another; it’s the basis of social media. Simply joining and blasting out promotions to your website won’t cut it; you have to introduce yourself, build a following, share others information and talk.

It’s only after you’ve built a following and quality message that you’ll be able to send a hefty amount of traffic to your website.

2. Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site which chances are you’re already apart of but haven’t considered using it for website traffic.

Facebook is very powerful, opening a world of over 300 million users that not only spend a great deal of time on the site but actively talk about topics related to your website.

As a website owner, using Facebook can greatly benefit your traffic building efforts through a variety of means:

  • Facebook fan page
  • Facebook advertising

A Facebook fan page can be a page dedicated to your website, products or services. On your own website you can place a small widget which allows people to become a fan of your Facebook page. With so many people on Facebook, you can join in on other fan pages, promote your own and get others to involve their friends with your fan page.

With a Facebook fan page you can drop in links, start a conversation and keep up to date with what your fans are doing.

Advertising on Facebook is equally powerful more so over even Google. Google is fine and all but Facebook gives you true power by drilling down into specific interests and other elements of your website demographic.

Additionally, advertising on Facebook is very cheap in comparison to search engines. Try creating an ad that speaks to your website demographic; pull them to your website or even a fan of your Facebook fan page. These two tactics will help drive plenty of traffic to your website.

3. Niche Forums

The social web is made of many different platforms to engage your website visitors. Twitter is great for quick messages, Facebook is great for status updates and promotion but Forums take the cake for ongoing discussion.

If you own a website there’s no doubt there are forums on the web that relate to your niche. Variable in size, forums pull in fanatical people that absolutely love the topic related to the forum and your website – these are people that will mold into your community with just the right push.

Many forums have thousands of threads dedicated to your niche. When you’re an active member on these forums you will be able to share your knowledge, leave a backlink and drive traffic to your own website.

Seek out forums dedicated to your niche by typing in “niche” + “forum” within search engines. You could also simply ask your community which forums they flock to.

Long discussions dedicated to individual topics can go on for hundreds of pages. Sticky posts stay at the top of forum topics. In all, write helpful information which people can use. Leaving a great comment will keep you active on forums, in the eyes of your community and help build traffic over time.


No doubt, the social web is changing how every website does business. No longer are we stuck to only talking about interesting topics on a single website. With more people flocking to other social media platforms you should follow suit else you’ll pass up a lot of opportunities to engage these users.

Three Important Ways to Use Content for Website Success

Many business owners realize by now that they need a good website to attract customers, whether a bricks and mortar store, or an online store, a website is now a given. However, many business owners still do not understand how important regular and unique keyword rich content is to attracting site visitors. Those site visitors will eventually attract foot traffic to your store, or buyers online if you sell your services or product online.

After you spend all that time and money creating the perfect website your website is essentially invisible unless you do something to move it up in the search engine results. The very best way to do that is to provide compelling, unique content on a regular basis. Even if you’re not willing or able to write the content the content must be provided.

You can use content to attract visitors in three important ways:

1. Blog — With a blog you can add content that informs, instructs, and inspires your visitors to do something such as buy your product or use your service. Another great thing about a blog is that they are interactive. Your visitors can make comments, ask questions, and participate in the discussion. Participation is an excellent way to engage your visitors so that they develop trust in you. Blogs are easy to write, and should only take you a few minutes a day. Blogs should be more friendly and conversational than professional articles. You can also outsource blog writing to a ghostwriter or invite others within your area of expertise to submit their blogs on your site.

2. Article Directory — The article directory should include articles relevant to the website’s niche. The articles can be by you, or used with permission by others who write within your niche, or you can purchase articles from writers for a small fee. There are also writers that you can hire at reasonable rates to ghost write articles on any niche that you want. The ghostwritten articles will have your byline, and can help establish you as an expert in your field. This can be better than letting others submit writing to your directory because you want to limit, as much as possible, providing links that send visitors out of your website.

3. Article Marketing — Article marketing is a great way to get what is called “backlinks” to your website. These are one way links that lead visitors to your website once they read your article. This link will be located in your authors bio. You’ve probably seen articles just like this during your They also lead the search engines to your website and the more backlinks that you have on your website the higher your site will rank for the search engines.

All website owners should incorporate blogs, articles and article marketing into their online marketing campaign before ever spending money on any other type of marketing such as pay per click. No matter how you cut it, content is still king.

What is an Affiliate Network, and Why Does Everyone Have One?

The banner ads are everywhere, the tiny text ads are everywhere- they want you to be an affiliate. If you have a website, you will most certainly be rich with no effort on your part. Most of the hype is just that, but there is some money to be made by small sites that sign up to be affiliates. If you are incredibly internet savvy, this article may not be for you. But if you are struggling to figure out a lot of the ecommerce systems, as I was until recently, here is an introduction.

The affiliate phenomenon started with, when years ago they began offering site owners a tiny percentage of any sales that Amazon got through advertising on the site owner’s website. This could be put on the site in a number of different ways- a recognizable ad, a link somewhere on the page, etc. People who click the links and are taken to the commerce site have the option of buying the product that appears. That sale makes a small amount for the site owner, but just clicking through the ads may make the site owner money as well.

Affiliates are paid in a couple of ways- either through click throughs and sales that are made, or just through the sales. See the text ads on the pages here? Those are AdSense ads sponsored by Google. Website owners pay Google to get page views and sales on their sites, and Google places their ads on sites with content that is relevant to the retail website.

Affiliate networks are not just confined to the bigger sites anymore, and they are not just confined to sites seeking a few affiliates to spread the word about their products. There are now second-tier affiliate programs, meaning that affiliates actually find more affiliates to join the network, and they get a percentage of the amount their referral makes. This is making affiliate networks bigger and providing low-cost publicity for the retail sites.

So are there big bucks to be made? Could be. Some people do make a living from it. Some people are content with enough to pay for the website. It all depends on what you want to do with it. I know someone who made five dollars as an affiliate and was thrilled with it. Then there are larger websites that rake in six figures a year. Many site owners will join several affiliate networks or run several sites with each one tying to a larger website, further increasing the possibility of click throughs and sales.

Build an Opt-in List for Business Success

Every internet business marketer knows that the most important thing to achieve success is getting a large number of people interested in your site. This is why a lot of internet marketer’s goal is to drive traffic to a website. Let us also not forget all the SEO efforts they exert in order to succeed at this aspect. That includes hiring Atlanta Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team, for example, to oversee and improve the ways a website attracts its visitors. However, the interest is not enough, if all it does is make your counter numbers flip over. Some people judge a website business’s success by the number of hits it gets, or the number of unique visitors it gets every day. However, the statistic that is most indicative of business success is the number of people in your opt-in list. This is actually the target of every successful website or online business.

What Is An Opt-In List?

An opt-in list is a list of names and contact information for people that are interested in your business or product. Opt-in means that they have personally chosen to be a member of this list. It is important that the people on your list choose to be included. Otherwise, any contact that you send to these people will be considered Spam.

How to Build It

There are many methods for building opt-in lists. You are sometimes able to purchase or rent already created lists, but these are usually not as helpful as any you build for yourself. Building an opt-in list is essentially a matter of saying “Sign Up Here” on your website or blog and making the offer attractive. You can offer a newsletter, a special sale or discount, or even a free item to build your list. Make sure that what they are signing up for is exactly what they will get.

How NOT to Build It

You should never build your opt-in list dishonestly. Spamming email addresses harvested from other websites, forums, or other people’s lists is wrong. You should also never trick people into signing up for something and then delivering something else to them. Dishonesty and trickery will never help your business.

What It Can Do For You?

Once you have an opt-in list of people that have stated that they are interested in your product or service, you have a ready audience of potential customers that you can market to. People that chose to learn more about your business are the ultimate in targeted traffic. Sending out periodic newsletters with information, sale announcements, and new product or service reports will increase your profits.

Stress Privacy

One of the biggest fears that people have when signing up for an opt-in mailing list is that their email address or other information will be spread across the internet and they will get a lot of Spam. When asking people to sign up to your list, stress your privacy policy and guarantee that you will never sell, rent, or give away any of their information. They will be much more likely to join your opt-in list this way.

Building a sizable opt-in list will ensure business success. These contacts are ultra-targeted, and have already expressed an interest in whatever it is you are selling. Their numbers are the ultimate judge of how profitable your internet website will be, not mere hits or visitors. Once you have built your opt-in list, you will have a constant customer base. That is all you need for business success online.

Why Do Start-ups Need Business Training?

If you consider it, a start-up resembles a football group at the start of the season. The ideal mix of abilities, skill, management, and vision for success is hard to get a jumpstart and go beyond the competition. But even if you got all that, there is still high opportunity it will not work without the best business coach to catalyze it.



A great deal of businesses has been using business coaches for years. With skill and imagination gathering to start-up business, it is only typical for them to rely on business coaches too. An executive coach has the possible to assist business progress from their business plan and genuinely flourish. Here are couple of manner ins which an executive coach can assist a start-up company in reaching the next level:


Startup Bias

They are unbiased – start-ups have a naturally apparent downside: their leaders see their endeavors like their own kind and are too mentally invested and connected

to business choices they make. Feeling and enthusiasm are very important, but they can frequently cloud understanding, preparation, and execution of business strategies. The neutrality that an executive coach offers goes a long way in boosting the performance of the start-up. A leader of such endeavor can learn a lot from an unbiased coach.



Management Qualities

Help leaders establish their personal style – management qualitiesare important for the success of any start-up endeavor. That is why it is necessary to promote them right from the start and dealing with an executive coach can significantly help because regard. Not only can they evaluate individual abilities and see what has to be enhanced, but they can also deal with the leaders to do just that. Coaches highlight the best in people. Excellent coaches provide the best insight on habits and believing that cultivates an ideal management style for the start-up.


Team Building

Help group building – the characteristics of the group are challenging business. The factor depends on that every staff member brings special experiences and it can be tough to make all of it work. An excellent coach can help recognize distinctions and advise methods of making group gel much better. The efficiency of the group is a vital part of every start-up task.

Weak Spots

Preemptively mention weak spots – did you know that 8 from 10 start-ups stop working within the very first year and a half? The factor is that business do not have an action prepare for possible issue down the roadway. Even competent leaders may have a tough time checking out coming modifications and responding appropriately. An excellent coach can provide their proficiency because regard and explain possible risks before they manifest themselves.


Objective Setting

Setting objectives – a unified sense of development is required for a start-up to grow effectively. An executive coach can deal with the leader to line up the objectives and vision of the company. Not only that, but the coach can line up the objectives of the company with the leader’s personal objectives for expert advancement and development.

It appears that an executive coach does marvels in concerns to start-ups. Business training competence they give the table can make a world of distinction.

How to Get Corporate Social Responsibility into the DNA of Your Business

Numerous years earlier, 2 New York nonprofits chose to partner together and pursue business funding. One charity was an instructional group that offered scholarship help to trainees in the city so that they might participate in schools that had a much better performance record than the community public schools. The other company took trainees from the very same under-resourced neighborhoods in New York to invest their summer seasons abroad learning and experiencing other cultures and broadening their minds.

Money Stream

As you know, New York City is the home of Wall Street, and there’s a great deal of money that streams from those corporations. The 2 executive directors did not have any idea if their collaboration would work, but they chose to pilot a small program, and their objective was to raise a modest quantity.

The 2 executive directors collaborated and set up conferences starting with the board members of the academic scholarship group because they had a leading board of directors that included the captains of market. The preliminary goes to persuaded the executives that they had actually struck upon something.



The very first year was an excellent success raising a lot more money than they at first anticipated, and they had the ability to offer funding for the journeys for double the variety of trainees than initially prepared overseas for the summer season. The pilot ended up being a partner program in between the 2 nonprofits for several years. The business CEOs loved the idea of assisting high school trainees who were residing in hardship to have the experience, in a globalized world, to experience foreign nations.

The program ended up being a success and was marketed by the business funders and the 2 not-for-profit groups as an effective business social obligation collaboration (CSR). The corporations promoted the program both to their staff members as well as the New York City public as something great they were providing for the trainees of the city.

3 Ways to Maintain Your Integrity in Business and Be True to Your Word


In life as in business, genuineness and sincerity can exist, and everything starts with the person gazing back at you from the mirror. There are many factors that people opt to take a trip in other courses that do not have stability, but there’s no factor for it. Having an excellent company, earning money and dealing with others well do not need to be equally special.

The question here is, how do you preserve your stability in life, and by extension, in business?


Would like to know my sincere response?

It’s hard, but it’s possible. I do it every day– no matter what takes place– therefore can you.

I’m one of those people who believes he’s heard all of it when people have actually been “captured” not having a high level of stability, I’ve heard the reasons. I’ve paid attention to stories of “a difficult life,” and I’ve had somebody inform me once that stability is not a value he has because “every day is a terrific day to make money.” In his mind, commercialism is a greater value, and capitalists cannot have stability in business. I’ve also seen an absence of inspiration or desire to take the greater ground, always. If you needed to evaluate your life, where would you place yourself on the scale?

I might be traditional, but I think that in business and in life, your word is your bond. Period. If you work with me or if you’re a member of my group, then when I say I’m going to do something, you can take it to the bank and consider it done.

It would be rejuvenating if everybody attempted to run in a comparable fashion, but I also understand that life is made from all type of people.


So, my question to you is, how do you wish to live your life and run in business?

Presuming that you wish to follow the course of stability, what are the instant actions you can take today to make sure that everybody who is available in contact with you comprehends that what you say, you will do? As you know, your credibility takes a life time to develop, and in today’s world, only minutes to mess up. One bad evaluation or scandal, particularly in the digital world where news can spread out like wildfire, is all you need to see everything you’ve integrated in your life come toppling down like a stack of toy blocks.

Genuineness always belongs at the table: I’ve frequently heard, specifically in business, and perhaps you have too, that sincerity locations you on the incorrect end of a settlement. Many experts think that genuineness is not advised. I disagree. Individuals you deal with will value knowing your credibility and sincerity. I think you have everything to acquire if you’re genuine. I’m not stating that in a difficult settlement you need to put all your cards on the table. That does not make any business sense, but you need to be genuine in what you do expose.



Surround yourself with others who have stability: Have you ever advised somebody for a job or expert chance only to discover that they’ve blown the possibility and made you look bad with your coworker or buddy at the same time? As a magnate, I hold myself to a top-level of stability, and as I have actually stated, when I say something, my word is golden. But, I also anticipate the very same from those who deal with me or with whom we partner. Make it an indicate preserve top quality people around you who also think that stability is a popular value. And, the next time you need to give a suggestion, you do not ever need to fret about getting an e-mail or telephone call that reviews your judgment.

Learn the art of stating “no”: One of the factors that many individuals typically get themselves into all type of difficulty is because they do not wish to hurt somebody’s sensations or give somebody “problem.” They also think that they might endanger a relationship if they say no. This is an error. If an idea, collaboration or chance does not fit with your program, then you have no option but to decrease. By taking the band-aid off early and stating no, you will avoid something that will only grow larger and cause awkwardness, frustration and even anger in the future because you didn’t provide on what you stated you would. Know when to leave something and always make it as early as possible.

No matter your position in a company as a member of the group or a leader, understand that you always wish to be as transparent as possible, particularly in today’s world where it’s required by clients, the general public, and staff members. Genuineness is an excellent competitive benefit because when somebody understands you’re real to your word, guess who they’ll wish to work with now and in the future. Yes, you.

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